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Golobooking.com respects your personal information. Please read and learn about our following security regulations. By accessing and using the Golobooking.com Website, participants agree to these security regulations and agree to be bound by the rules on Golobooking.com Website.

I. Password security

When you register to use services on www.golobooking.com, you will be asked to create an account with a password. We recommend that you keep this password confidential and do not disclose to or share with anyone. If you know or suspect that other people may know your password, you should notify us immediately by contact at hotline: 1900 636 219 or email: support@golobooking.com.

When Golobooking.com detects that you have a breach of security or improper usage of Golobooking.com website, we may ask you to change your password or we may lock your account.

When you voluntarily disclose your personal information on online media, that information may be collected and used by others.

Where you lose your password or use our services with improper purposes, you shall bear all the consequences and fully compensate for any raising losses or damages of Golobooking.

Unfortunately, no data transmitted on the Internet can be secured 100%. Although we try our best to protect your personal information, Golobooking.com may not completely guarantee the security of any information that you transfer to us on online devices. Therefore, you shall bear these risks when joining online services. However, as soon as we receive the information you send, we will make effort to ensure the security of our system.

II. Users’ data

By providing information or using services at Golobooking.com, you agree to allow Golobooking.com, its Affiliates, Units and Employees directly managed by Goodprice Logistics Services and Communication Technology Company Limited can use your information, whether it is your personal information, demographic. The main aim of Golobooking is to operate and improve our website, enhance utilities for users or introduce and distribute our products and services.

Golobooking.com cooperates with other companies to represent us on several tasks and may need to share your information with them to provide products and services to you. Golobooking.com may also share your information to provide the products or services that you require or when we get your permission.

We would transfer your information if Golobooking is acquired or merged with another companies. In this case, Golobooking.com shall notify you by email or by announcing prominently on the website before your information is transferred and becomes the subject of another security policies.

We may use your contact to send emails or other notices about updates at Golobooking.com. The contents and frequency of these notifications will vary depending on the information we have about you.

We can use the collected information to inform you about products and services provided by Golobooking.com or our partners, or to get your opinions on current products and services or potential new ones.

We may disclose  your information if required by law, or from a government agency or if we believe it is necessary to: (a) comply with legal requirements or follow the procedures of law; (b) protect the rights or property of Golobooking or partners; (c) prevent crimes or protect national security; or (d) protect the personal safety of users or the public.


If you have any questions about this Security Regulations or you would like to access to and / or edit your Personal Information, please contact our Data Manager at email: support@golobooking.com or via hotline: (+84) 1900 633 219.

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